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Prefabricated rubber track

   The Prefabricated rubber running track is a new type of health and environmental protection rubber roll material  which  is developed and researched thousands of times  made by our company is based on traditional court materials and guided by the theory of human engineering and kinematics, measurement of the static and dynamic parameters of the human body by equipment.The products are made by natural rubber and synthetic rubber mixed mineral filler, stabilize and pigment after special rolling processing and vulcanized.It overcomes short use life,complex  construction and poor shock absorption of traditional running track and become a technical innovation in rubber track materials.  

   The top layer of the product is more than 3mm and have high toughness and wear resistant elastic, ensure adequate foot friction for athletes.provide effective buffer absorption and shock absorption protection.  The top layer instantly absorb the impact by retracting the pressure receiving buffer after gaining an upward resilience by strengthening high-level, effective mitigation face ankles, joints, ligaments reaction caused by sports injuries. The bottom layer is highly elastic three-dimensional network structure layer of shock-absorbing moisture, reasonable tilt angle honeycomb structure with an inert gas microcellular foaming process, so that the running track has an excellent elasticity, strength, toughness and damping effect, can provide an excellent impact absorption capability, smooth energy transition and continuous energy feedback, effectively reducing muscle fatigue and micro-damage to athletes.